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What services do you provide?
See our new services page for a more in-depth answer to this question.  We are happy to provide face painting, tattoos, and henna for birthday parties, themed parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, proms, graduation parties, community events, corporate events, Religious events, fundraisers, charity events, grand openings, school events, carnivals /festivals, night clubs and SO MUCH MORE!

Didn't you use to provide painted glassware? Do you still do that?
We did offer custom glassware, but we've been phasing that section of Tamariel Paints out. If you are interested in seeing what we currently have in stock, CONTACT US to set up a quick viewing.

What kind of face paints do you use?
Tamariel Paints uses several brands of non-toxic, professional, cosmetic grade paints and glitters. This means that our face paints are SPECIFICALLY intended for use on skin, and our glitters contain no metal and have soft rounded edges.

What kind of makeup do you use when providing makeup artistry services?
This question is actually incredibly important to us at Tamariel Paints.  Tamar was diagnosed with Celiac Disease as a child, and she has long since learned that MUCH of the makeup products currently on the market contain all sorts of undisclosed allergens -- wheat, nuts, and sunflower being three of the more commonly found ingredients. 

Because of Tamar's inability to work with gluten filled makeup, we only use certified gluten free lipsticks.  While the other makeup products that we use are not certified gluten free, we have researched the ingredients and feel comfortable that they do not contain known gluten.  If you have a particular need or requirement, let us know and we will do our best to help you look your best.

What kind of henna do you use? 
I use my own blend of henna paste made from henna, sugar, lemon, and essential oils. Henna is another name for the Lawsonia Inermis plant, which is grown in arid climates. The leaves are dried, ground into a powder, then reconstituted to make a paste. The paste is applied to the skin in beautiful patterns to create a stain that can last anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks (an average of 2-4 weeks) depending on the person, how well it's taken care of, and the part of the body where the paste was applied.

Is henna safe to have applied?
Real, all natural henna is safe for almost everyone (do not get henna done if you are allergic to asprin or fava beans). Real henna is brown. It is NOT colored and it is most definately NOT BLACK. "Black henna" is a DANGEROUS chemical --it's actually PPD, or black hair dye! - and although illegal in Canada, it is rampant among tourist traps. There is no currently no laws regarding licensing, insurance or criminal background check of street/festival artists, online henna paste distributers, nor hair salons when it comes to the application of henna. So use caution when getting henna from any of these locations. Rest assured that Tamariel Paints uses ONLY BODY ART QUALITY henna from reputable sources.

How do I wash off the face/body paint?
Tamariel Paints recommends using a wet cloth to remove the majority of the paint (you could also use sensitive skin baby wipes if you have them). Then wash the rest of the design off with soap and warm water. Some of the more heavily pigmented colors may cause slight staining of the skin. For these more stubborn colors, apply moisturizer or baby oil and then wash again with soap and water after about 15 or 20 minutes.

Temporary tattoos are waterproof and will NOT wash off with soap and water. Remove a temporary tattoo early by wiping gently with rubbing alcohol. In order to make your tattoo last up to 7 days, do not use moisturizer and keep the area dry.

How do I wash off the glitter tattoos?
Glitter tattoos are waterproof - they won't wash off with water. But if you need to take them off early you can use baby oil, lotion, or rubbing alcohol to gently remove the adhesive.

How do I wash off the Eye Candy?
Use some gentle makeup remover on a cottonball or q-tip.

How do I wash off the Airbrush tattoos?

Are airbrush ink is waterproof - our designs won't wash off with water. If you need to take them off early you can use baby oil, lotion, or rubbing alcohol to gently remove the adhesive

How do I wash off the henna?
The short answer is, you don't. Leave the henna paste on your skin for 4-8 hours to get a rich, dark stain. Then, scrape the paste off (we like to use a credit card). After you remove the paste your skin will be stained a dull orange tone. Over the next 48 hours, this color will deepen to burgundy or brown. Avoid water for the first 24 hours to ensure that your henna design stains nice and dark! If treated properly, expect your henna to last for 2-4 weeks.

But... Wait, I have to get this stain off for work/school! I don't want something that will last for 2-4 weeks!
Henna stains don't really wash off quickly. Once you have it, it has to fade. Bleach and chlorine will speed up it's demise, but if you are nervous that your boss will be unappreciative about you having a henna stain on your body for an extended period of time, I highly recommend mica tattoos. Although they are less intricate than henna, they are easily removable!

Are you insured?
Yes! Tamariel Paints carries full insurance!

Do I need to have supervision while you are entertaining at my child's birthday party?
Yes. I am trained to work with children, however, as an entertainer I cannot always be watching to make sure that no little ones wander off. Most of the children will be happy to stand in line to be painted and are excited spectators, but just in case there are any children that wander off, I recommend that there be a few parents strategically located at the party that can be responsible for the children's well-being.

Will you do free face/body painting for charities?
I would love to help you with your fundraising efforts! While I am unable to donate my time and materials for free (there are just too many fantastic causes that I want to support), I have worked out two different options for charity events:
~ Pay Per Face (raising money for you): I will appear at your event to do face painting and you can recoup my fees by charging "pay per face" rates to the people who come to the event.  I will only keep my standard rate - any money that you raise that is over that amount is yours to keep!  Please note that if your event guests do not purchase face painting you are still liable for the Tamariel Paints fees.
~ Discounted Hourly (free for patrons): I can offer you a discounted hourly rate since it is a fundraiser.  Please note: if you choose to utilize my discounted hourly rates no portion of my tip jar will go towards your fundraising efforts.  Discounted rates are only available Monday-Thursday.

How far ahead do I need to book your services?
I need at least 1 day (24 hours) advanced notice for face painting. That being said, my availability is based solely on a first come, first served basis. If your event time is not flexible, please book me as early as possible to make sure that the time/date slot is available.

Do I need to provide Tamariel Paints with parking, shelter and set-up?
It is preferable that the client provide table and chairs and shelter or shaded area if the event is outdoors. Client is to provide easily accessible parking in close proximity to venue location or party site. Tamariel Paints does have our own table set-up but there is an additional $15.00 charge for transport and set-up.

Who designed your awesome website?
Thank you! We think our website is awesome too!  Credit for the design goes to the very talented Wendy at www.wendysworldart.com!  Don't forget to check out her amazing hair bows and room decor while admiring her website!

How do I book Tamariel Paints for my upcoming event?
Contact us here: or call us at 773-465-1178 and let us add our dash of creativity to your upcoming event!

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