Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, and Henna in the Chicago Area


Tamariel Paints has NINE different party packages that you can choose from! Hire a...


Package #1:

Face Painter - Turn your guests into works of washable art!

There are two speeds of face painting available: "full-face" designs or "fast faces".

  • When doing full-face designs I come to the party and "the sky is the limit" on design choices. I can do up to 10-12 full-face designs per hour.
  • Alternatively, I can do about 14-16 fast faces per hours. These designs are slightly less detailed and instead of limitless options I bring a board of approximately 15 designs that guests can choose from. I tailor my design boards for each party, but they usually include a unicorn, swirl designs, flowers, smiley faces, hearts, rainbows, butterflies, tigers, snakes, dragons, and superheroes.

There is no cost difference for different painting speeds, and I am happy to accommodate your individual party theme!

Package #2:

Princess dressed Face Painter - The Princess Tamariel can come and face paint at your princess themed event! She will come to your event with her jeweled crown, wand, glitter, and add royal sparkle!

Package #3:

Makeup Artist - Tamariel Paints does not just offer theatrical makeup.  We also offer more traditional makeup application for weddings, proms, or just a night on the town. 

  • Choose either water based, alcohol, or silicone based airbrush foundation for a flawless finish!
  • We are committed to providing quality makeup services for people with gluten free, nut/peanut allergies, or vegan lifestyles.  Read more on our FAQ Page.

Package #4:

Airbrush Tattoos - Waterproof designs that last for 7-10 days! Trust me, teens love them!

Package #5:

Glitter Tattoo Artist - Offer your guests one-of-a-kind intricate glitter tattoos!  Tamariel Paints can create custom glitter tattoos with your logo or to match almost any theme!

  • Tattoos will last 3-5 days, but can be removed early with alcohol.

Package #6:

Henna Artist - Henna paste is used freehand to create beautiful intricate designs! Make an appointment at the Tamariel Paints henna studio for a private appointment, or bring Tamariel Paints out to your event!

  • I use my own blend of henna paste made from henna (bought from reputable suppliers and NEVER laced with PPD), sugar, lemon, and essential oils.
  • Event guests must be ages 10 or up.
  • Henna lasts approximately 2-5 weeks depending on the location of application and compliance with aftercare instructions.  Read henna aftercare instructions on our FAQ Page

Package #7:

Glitter Glam Party - This package was specifically designed for tweens and teens!

  • One artist will apply glitter eye makeup (EyeKandy and chunky glitter gel) and glitter tattoos.
  • A minimum of two hours is required.
  • Event guests must be ages 12 or up.

Package #8:

Balloon Twisters - Add some balloons to your event!  Balloons are for children ages 3 and up!

    Package #9:

    Combination Party -

    Need some combination of everything mentioned here? Your wish is our command!  Tamariel Paints can help you dream up a party that combines everything that we mentioned above. 

    Need a second artist? No problem. Third artist? Still no problem! We can provide up to 10 artists (advanced notice required)! We've got you covered!